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Do I need to let my care provider know that I am having a birth photographer present at my birth?

Yes, it is your responsibility to inform your obstetrician and midwife you are engaging a birth photographer. As a professional photographer, I do my best to operate at the highest professional standard, in complete cooperation with your maternal health care provider. They can rest assured I will fit into the team seamlessly! 
What payment is required to make a booking?

Birth Photography is a memory too important a treasure not to have. I ensure each and every family I work with have an opportunity to enjoy it by making the investment a simpler one to manage. You can secure your session with a 30% deposit, with the balance due by 36 weeks. Additional stipulations are made in the contract signed upon booking.

Do we meet prior to the big birth day?

I would very much enjoy the opportunity to get to know you and your partner, as well as your individual requests regarding your birth photography package or potential questions you may have.

When do you typically arrive to my birth?

In an effort to preserve energy and maximize my availability to you, I aim to make my way to your birth space when you are in active & established labour (or 6cm+). That being said, I rely on consistent communication initiated by my client. For this reason, it is incredibly important to let me know the very moment you suspect you are in labour so that I can prepare for the ride to you.

How long do you stay and photograph once baby is born? 

I usually stay up to two hours after the birth to make sure all desired photographs are captured.

What happens if I go into labour prior to 38 weeks (otherwise known as your off-call period)?

There are very few reasons I wouldn't be able to attend your birth as your photographer, even if you went into labour during my off-call period, as my life in this nature of work is almost always on-call. Should I be unavailable, a back-up birth photographer will ensure you are covered on the big day. 

What happens if you cannot attend or miss the birth?

I make explicit effort to make sure I am available to photograph your birth. In the unfortunate and rare occurrence where I cannot attend your birth, my amazing back-up birth photographer will man the fort and guarantee the same coverage, inclusions and love I promise. Life happens and babies come when they please! In the unlikely scenario I miss your birth, I will still make my way to you in order to photograph the immediate postpartum period. Additional instruction and critical information on this scenario and exceptional circumstances will be stipulated in the contract and discussed at length to ease your mind.

What happens if I have a planned or emergency Cesarean?

In the event of Cesarean birth, my agreement as birth photographer remains unchanged. Birth looks different for everyone and this is taken into account as I craft my services, inclusions and contract. Speaking with your health care provider to negotiate my presence in theatre is key, as the consumer, much of the power is in your hands to assert your desires to have me there. Should this not be a possibility, labour or pre-op time, as well as recovery, would be photographed as usual. Remember that birth photography becomes even more critical with cesarean births as they help to connect the dots and bring foggy memories back to life, as well as moments you would miss while in recovery (ex. Baby bonding with your partner).
How many births do you book each month?

Due to the wild and unpredictable nature of birth, I do not take on more than 3 birth photography clients per month. It is well worth making contact early to confirm a spot in my limited calendar.

I’m so keen to have a birth photographer present but my partner isn’t quite convinced.

It is entirely natural to experience a little skepticism or doubt when inviting others into the vulnerable and private space of birth. Demystifying the process for your partner, easing their apprehensions and giving them space to voice their concerns would be a great place to start. If this is an issue for you, let's set up a time to chat logistics in person.
Will my photos be shared publicly or shared on the internet?

You have my word that your images will never, ever be shared without clear consent from you. Should you express desires to share your birth story and images, it would be my pleasure & honour to share them with a curious and respectful public.

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Sara did such an amazing job capturing the birth of our second child, a baby girl. She was professional, kind and respected our privacy when needed. She captured the most beautiful images of our daughter being born.
— Rene