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Lovely friends - my name is Sara Bresser and I am a professional birth photographer servicing the Perth metropolitan area.

I am incredibly passionate about this work because I understand the reactions that transpire when the story of birth is captured and shared between generations.

I have also come to no longer underestimate the immense power that is born when real images of birth & post-partum are shared and seen.

These images become platforms on which important discussions are had, in a bid to positively improve the way society sees birth in general.

Sara Bresser Perth Birth Photographer

With a deep respect for pregnancy, birth and parenthood; I use my camera to string together each remarkable and fleeting moment that makes its home in the story of your lives.

I breathe life into the details of your most treasured family stories - the birth of a mother, the birth of a father and the birth of your child

Perth Home BIrth Photographer

Why Birth Photography?

Storytelling is an intrinsic part of our society & culture. It can be seen in all aspects of our daily lives.

We use stories to reminisce, we use stories to heal, we use stories to celebrate and we use stories to grieve.

As humans, we share our stories because they make us happy.  

We share our stories because they make us feel understood.

We share our stories because they make us feel connected to each other.  

We share our stories because they make us feel alive.

Perth Birth Photographer

The greatest honour we can bestow on our histories and memories, is to share the stories we live, lovingly and enthusiastically. And yet the greatest story of all – the one of our individual beginnings – is often hurried, underappreciated and rushed when being told.

The greatest dishonour we can do to these stories, is bury or forget them.

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Are you interested in having the memories of your next birth honoured by a professional photographer whose heart & values are aligned with your individual desires?

It would be my absolute pleasure to be of service to you during this magnificent part of your lives, Sara xx

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