Perth raw honest motherhood photography


The fourth trimester, a time for loving and learning, bonding and adjusting, sheer exhaustion yet so much pride.

When your days are filled with baby gazing and breathing in that intoxicating newborn smell. When your world can feel surreal, overwhelming but the love is bountiful.

A collection of photographs for you to remember your fourth trimester as it is, captured honestly and tenderly.

Perth candid baby photographer


           - A lifestyle photography session that takes place in the comfort of your home.

     - A collection of 20 high resolution images via a password protected online gallery

           Your investment - get in touch to find out about a portfolio building discount, only valid for the remainder of 2019

Fourth Trimester ADD ONS

Fresh 48 Session | 1 hour session, 15 images | $550

Maternity Mini Session | 30 minute session, 10 images | $295

Pure Photo Album | from $600

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My fourth trimester shoot with Sara, it couldn’t have come at a better time. I was just coming out of a really heavy place, I was running on no sleep, riddled with anxiety, panic attacks. It took quite a few weeks to pull myself out of it and back to being able to cope with the world, somewhat. I was weak but joyful and I knew I had to be gentle on myself. Having Sara there gave me something to focus on, my mind chatter went quiet and I got to soak up my baby for a few hours, with my oldest baby floating in and out of the room. Having all that captured by Sara, freezing beautiful moments in time, for me, was worth it’s weight in gold, something I’ll cherish forever.
— Cailee, Mama of 2