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Newborn birth photography

When I discovered birth photography it was the moments of love and tenderness once baby was born that drew me into this beautiful career choice. However, in my first year of documenting births this has evolved. I have learned how important other moments, captured in the lead up to baby’s birth can be.

I first learned of birth photography after the birth of my second child. When my son was about three weeks old Sophia Cachia (whom I follow on Instagram, previously known as The Young Mummy) had her daughter. She had a birth photographer present to capture those precious moments of Florence's birth.

After seeing those images and then looking at some candid photos my husband had taken of my son and I, it was like a penny dropped and I wanted to capture these wonderful moments for families too. It would be such rewarding work being able to document a baby’s birthday for families to cherish forever! And don’t they say ‘do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life’?

My son and I just hours after his birth.

My son and I just hours after his birth.

I had been made redundant from my office job three weeks before I was due to go on maternity leave and although the thought of finding a job wasn’t even on my radar at that point in time, I was so excited to begin this new adventure. It felt like it was meant to be.

Since then I have had the privilege to capture many special moments, such as baby all wide eyed looking up to see who the voice belongs to that they’ve heard their whole life or when a newborn is so settled, sleeping on its mother’s chest listening to her heart beat like it always has.

Mama and infant enjoying skin to skin

There are so many other details to be captured as well; a comforting touch from the labouring mum’s partner, the room where their baby was born, the snacks they ate, the cups of tea that were made, the moment a woman becomes a mother, the reactions of the parents, the first latch and a favourite of mine; siblings meeting the newest addition of the family for the very first time. 

I also love the way these photographs can help fill the gaps or answer questions mama’s may have after their birthing day. You see when a woman is in labour her primal brain focuses solely on birthing her baby so there are many details which may not even be seen by the labouring mother, let alone remembered later on. One of my mums needed to see the proof that her husband caught their baby as she didn’t notice it at the time. Another mum wanted to see her older daughter’s reactions to the birth of her younger sister. All of this was possible as the moments were captured through birth photography for them to relive.

‘Sara’s ability to capture the real life magic moments is amazing - you just can’t beat the raw emotion captured in her photographs and they will be treasured for many years to come. Sara did our maternity photos and birth photos and I am so very grateful for them. I barely even knew she was in the room during the birth and she is always so polite, friendly, kind and goes out of her way to check on things like hospital protocols, lighting etc. Thank you so much for these beautiful memories.’

-Rebecca Ong

I also believe it is important for women to able to look back at their birthing day, especially if their birth plan took a different course, and see it from a different perspective. To see their strength, determination and be reminded of it. For all the courage they had. To see the way their birth team supported them. These images can be so healing.

Another important aspect of birth photography is how it is helping to normalise birth. All the families who have their child’s birth day documented and share this story with their children give a wonderful gift.

From the very beginning these children have a positive mindset towards birth. They grow up knowing their birth story first rather than the way Hollywood portrays it or hearing horror stories later in life. I believe this will have a great effect on how the next generation look at birth, to see the beauty in it and that it is a love story.

Perth home birth with sibling present

 ‘Wow! You have truly blown us away with the depth of the images you have captured with the birth of our little girl. You are not only an amazing photographer you are an amazing person. Your presence in the room was so warm and calm and there were moments I didn't even know you were there! There is so much going on it is hard to remember the whole experience. Being able to look back at your photos allows us to relive one of the most amazing moments of our lives over and over. We cannot thank you enough Sara!!’

-Linda Scrimgeour

Perth mother in labour

For me, birth photography is so much more than just the big moment of birth. It is a story pieced together by moments of strength, vulnerability, support and ultimately, love. Each birth story is unique and whether your birthing day is what you had hoped for or it takes you on a different path, these images will help you piece the story back together and see moments of bravery and joy which may be forgotten to challenging memories instead.

If you have any questions about birth photography and creating your own birth story just get in touch

xx Sara

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